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The Bird of Transformation: Navigating through the Storm (Journey to Caelum Book 1)

by Kimber KivaGarden (Author)

What would you do,

if suddenly,

you received a Call to Serve? 

That is what happened to Maia. Out of the blue, she Received a Call to Serve. Where she had been Journeying to Caelum with her mentor, Michaela, for some time; suddenly she found herself taking on the role of Kai’s Bird of Transformation!

The problem was, as an INFJ-T, Maia had retained many of the qualities of a -Turbulent HeartCentred Intuitive™: uncertainty, self-consciousness,  and anxiety continued to plague her at times. Mai still had a long way to go become an -Assertive Being who can Hear, See, Feel, Know and Love the Divine with Confidence, Courage, and Grace.

But, Maia doesn’t have to do it alone. She has her Human Spiritual Helper, Michaela, and many unexpected Divine Spiritual Helpers in Caelum.

To do this Maia must transform from an Apprentice to a woman Grounded in her Being with Certainly, Conviction and a Touch of Class.

Experience it Your Self

Learn How to Navigate Through the Storms

As sensitive beings in an insensitive world, we are all faced with choices and decisions that either reinforce our insecurities or our self-confidence.

At times like this, it is when we welcome both human and Divine Spiritual Helpers that we are able to make choices that are in Perfect Alignment with why we were Created, what we came to earth to do while we figure out how to Manifest the Gift we were given at the Inception of our Soul. 

It is when we make the decision to not stand but walk through the Threshold of Caelum that we discover Mysteries and Universal Laws that assist us in living lives as HeartCentred Intuitives™ that See, Hear, Feel, Know and Love the Divine with Courage, Confidence and Grace. 

Join Maia on her Heroine's Journey as Kai's Bird of Transformation as she does exactly that!

Join Maia  on her Journey



  • The 10 Step Healing Journey,
  • Healing with and Through the Divine,
  • The Collective Consciousness.

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Journey to Caelum (2 book series)

Kimber KivaGarden

Making the World Gentler for HeartCentred Intuitives

(INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs, HSPs, empaths.)

  • Are you a HeartCentred Intuitive™?
  • Do you have a -Turbulent Identity or an -Assertive one?

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