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Road to Self-Mastery: Navigating the Inner World (Navigating Divine Relationships Book 3)

by Kimber KivaGarden (Author)

What happens if your Journey is on foot

instead of being Aloft

above the -turbulence on earth below?

Kai wants everything he has imagined, but instead of remaining on the path that appeared before him when he met Michaela and chose to accept the Invitation to Navigate Divine Relationships with her: Kai has decided to take another path.

Forsaking Michaela's Air Balloon, Kai must now face the challenges of travelling by foot on the Road to Self Mastery: Navigating the Inner World without his former Connection to the Divine, his Spiritual Helpers, and the Sacred Boons he had Received along the way.

Maybe with the understanding of how to make choices that are in Alignment with his Spiritual Gifts, Kai will Remember how to Remain Aloft so he and Kaela can Journey to Caelum: together.

  What Happens When Kai Journeys on Foot

About Travelling the Road to Self-Mastery on Foot

The contrast between being Aloft with the support of Spiritual Helpers and Sacred Boons versus traveling by foot on the Road to Self-Mastery amidst the -Turbulence on earth is stark.

That is why, as HeartCentred Intuitives™  (INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP, empaths, HSPs) who See, Hear, Feel and Know the Divine we need 3 Keys to mitigating consequences of our choices.

Self-Love, Determination and Skill keeps us On-Path: consistent with why we were Created, why we Came down to earth at this time, and what we are here to Do without our inner reality swaying us to do otherwise.

Which Path Do You Choose?


Through it all, Kaela maintains her Connection to Caelum as she Receives more Light and Knowledge. Through her even more Divine Emotional Intelligence is Revealed:

  • the Harnessing Divine Energy Map™; and,
  • the Lift Equation™.


A Message from Caelum about:

  • Universal Laws,
  • Vulnerability,
  • Tension,
  • ... and more.

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Navigating Divine Relationships (3 book series)

Kimber KivaGarden

Making the World Gentler for HeartCentred Intuitives

(INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs, HSPs, empaths.)

  • Are you a HeartCentred Intuitive™?
  • Do you have a -Turbulent Identity or an -Assertive one?

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